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Friday Focus: World Missions

May 21, 2010

Kingdom of Morocco, Africa

Estimated 2010 population: 32.6 million (more than any U.S. state except California)

Official Language:  Arabic with French and English widely used.  Total languages:  11.  Languages with the Scriptures:  2 for the entire Bible; 3 for the NT

Home of the Sahara Desert

Religion:  Sunni Islam (99.8%)

Christians number 28,000 and only 5% of these are Moroccan in origin.

(Operation World, 6th Ed., 2001)

Persecution reported by Voice of the Martyrs:

On Tue. May 18 2010 at 11:44 AM Moderator wrote: MOROCCO: Christians Deported: VOM Contacts

The Moroccan government has deported twenty-eight Christian workers so far in May, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts. The Moroccan government continues political pressures against us Moroccan believers and against the foreign workers, and if it stopped for a while before, it was only to restart again and strongly. Please continue to pray and also to act, because if this continues, soon we’ll not be deported but [we will be] arrested or even killed. Pray that God will encourage the deported believers and enable them to forgive their persecutors, and pray for God’s protection of all Christians in Morocco.

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