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Nothing With Which to Barter

August 24, 2010

D. A. Carson writes of a friend he recently lost. In Carson’s own words

He came home, lay down, and died. Not a thing he could do about it.

If your heart keeps beating, it is because God sanctions it. And if he says, “Come home, my child. Now is the time. Your work is done,” you go. Or if he ever says, “You fool, tonight your soul will be required of you,” you die.

How are you going to barter with a God like that? “God, I’ll give you ten percent.” But he owns you and all you are and have. “Lord, I’ll become a missionary.” “I’ll become a deacon in church.” Are you trying to bribe God? Will that make you a better person?

No, there is only one way you are going to have a relationship with this kind of God, and that is if he displays sovereign grace to you. We have nothing with which to barter.

D.A. Carson, The God Who Is There, pp. 47-48.

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