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Bible Translation After 1611 and the KJV

August 26, 2010

Perhaps you’ve never lived in an area of the country where the KJV is fervently believed to be the only pure translation of the Bible left to us today, but I have, and currently do (southern Ohio).  Justin Taylor has an article up on his site discussing the “safety” of modern translations (which I totally believe) and the reasons for some of the truly minor differences between the KJV and modern translations, which some blow all-out-of-proportion. Plus, it’s not often that you find in the comments section below the article the man cited in the article (Daniel Wallace of DTS) also participating in the discussion!  A very worthy read because, even if you are not bothered by those pesky modern versions, there’s still a good chance you are going to bump into a friend who is and you will profit from the information found in this article:

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