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We Are Not Clean Sheets

October 14, 2010

“You and I must not only take seriously the voice of God; we must bow the knee in submission when He speaks.  We must come humbly to the preaching of God’s word. But we don’t want to do that. . . . what we  really want is for the Bible to tell us we’re ok, what we’ve done is ok, and what we believe is ok.

But it isn’t ok. It’s not at all ok.  Far from coming to the Bible as a clean sheet, I come to the Bible as a thoroughly messed-up-person, unable to think straight, speak right or act as I ought. That means I must expect the Bible to call me to repentance and not to reassure me that I’m ok.  It will never make me feel comfortable or complacent in my sin.”

Christopher Ash, Listen Up!, pp. 6-7.

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