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Persecuted Church: Algeria

October 18, 2010


Christians Acquitted:  Australian Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission

On Oct. 5, a court in the Kabylie region of Algeria acquitted Christian converts Hocine Hocini and Salem Fellak of the charge of “non-compliance with a precept of Islam.” The men had been arrested for eating lunch during Ramadan.

Also in Algeria, four Protestant leaders were to have appeared in court on Oct. 10 on the charge of “practicing non-Muslim worship without authorization.” Pastor Yahou Mahmoud and elders Raid Abdenour, Mokrani Nacer and Haouedj Idir lead a fellowship affiliated with the Protestant Church of Algeria, a large nationally accredited denomination. The outcome of their hearing is unknown. Thank the Lord for the acquittal of Hocine Hocini and Salem Fellak and for the support they received from many Christians across Algeria. Pray that the Lord will use the case of the Protestant leaders to strengthen his church and further the spread of the gospel in Algeria.

Algeria, a nation with approximately 36 million people, has virtually no Christian witness within it.  According to Operation World, there are 17 languages used among its people, yet the whole Bible has thus far been translated into only two of them (another two having the New Testament alone).  Civil war raged there during the 1990’s with over 100,000 killed.  “The unreached comprise virtually the whole nation” (again, Operation World, p. 68).  Christian media, such as Trans World Radio, are vital in efforts to get the good news of Christ’s salvation into the country.  Truly a place where prayer is needed.

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