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God Delivers His Way(s)

October 22, 2010

The God of suspense is delivering left and right.  For his daily, less noticeable deliverances I want the Spirit to open my eyes so I can be thankful.  For his might acts that appear at the eleventh hour, I want grace to trust him. I want to learn how to express faith in simple obedience amid uncertain situations.  But these after-the-fact deliverances? I hardly know what to ask.  What if you actually went through your worst nightmare—sexual violation, death of a loved one, divorce?  What then?  Where was the deliverance?  What difference does the after-the-fact deliverance make then?  It means that there will be lots of sorrow as we walk through life, but we aspire to know sorrow that is mingled with hope.  For subjects of King Jesus, death and tragedy are never the last word.  The goodness of our God is certain.  He has give up his very Son for our redemption.  There is no reason to doubt him.  The resurrection punctuates how the last word is one of blessing and joy.


Edward T. Welch, Running Scared, pp. 91-92.

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