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Advice to a Politician Which Changed Everything

October 27, 2010

Happy the man who has a deep impression of our Lord’s words, “Without Me you can do nothing”–who feels with the Apostle . . . likewise a heartfelt dependence upon the Saviour, through whom we can both do and bear all things that are [part of] the post allotted us.

He is always near. He knows our wants, our dangers, our feelings, and our fears.  By looking to him we are enlightened and made strong out of weakness.  With his wisdom for our guide, his power for our protection, his fullness for our supply, and proposing his glory as our chief end, and placing our happiness in his favour, in communion with him, and communications with Him, we shall be able to “withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand.”

Words in a letter from John Newton (pastor and hymn writer of “Amazing Grace”) to William Wilberforce, British politician and abolitionist leader when Wilberforce was contemplating leaving politics in 1796.  He remained in Parliament to lead the way to the end of British ships carrying slaves in trade in 1807.  It would be another 27 years before the full abolition of slavery itself was accomplished in the British Empire (1834), a law passed one month after Wilberforce’s death.

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