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When An Inoculation Is Very Bad

October 30, 2010

“The heart of the Christian message has been and always will be that ‘Christ died for our sins’ (1 Corinthians 15:3).  But in spite of this, many remain hamstrung by their secret guilt and are living very shallow lives.  Why is that?  I suspect it is because they have nothing but a shallow understanding of the cross, and in many cases only a small appetite for learning more.  Eyes roll at the mere mention of the words doctrine and theology.  These are verbal sleeping pills for many.  Yet at the same time they suffer the insomnia of guilt, anxiety, and powerlessness in their faith.  They lack confidence and purpose and wonder why.  Could it be that a shallow understanding of the cross is like an inoculation shot?  It prevents us from getting the real thing–a full-blown case of sin-uprooting, praise-inspiring, life-altering faith in Christ based on the radical implications of his death on the cross.”

John Ensor, The Great Work of the Gospel, (Crossway).

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