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Friday Missions Focus: Laos

January 21, 2011

This is simply heart-breaking, but it is also a modern-day living out of Hebrews 10:32-34:

VOM-USA Prayer Update for January 21, 2011
On Tue. Jan 18 2011 at 09:56 AM Moderator wrote:
LAOS — Villagers Destroy Christians’ Rice Fields — VOM Sources and Compass Direct News

On Sunday, Dec. 26, officials and residents of Katin village destroyed the rice paddies of 11 Christian families. The families have been camped on the edge of the jungle since they were expelled from the village one year ago because of their faith. Since their expulsion, seven other families have decided to follow Christ.

Village officials told the new converts that they, too, would be expelled unless they gave uptheir faith. The seven families refused and were kicked out of the village at gunpoint. They joined the other Christian families outside the village.

A few days later, while the believers were worshiping in a temporary shelter, residents of Katin drained the water from the Christians’ rice paddies, burned fencing around their farmland and stomped on rice seedlings to ensure it could not grow. The 18 families now have nothing to eat, and authorities have done nothing to help them. Pray that God will provide the newly expelled believers with food, clothing and shelter. Pray also that their firm commitment to Christ will cause their persecutors to want to know him, too.

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