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Give Them Grace – Book on Parenting

February 5, 2011

Pastor J.D. Greear writes at Take Your Vitamin Z:

I’ve been working on an endorsement for Elyse Fitzpatrick’s new book on parenting, Give Them Grace. Elyse’s book is all about applying the Gospel to how we train our children, how we are instructing them to love God and grow in godly character.

At the risk of sounding overly-dramatic, this book has been a real game-changer for Veronica and me. It’s not that we didn’t apply any of these principles before, but the profundity and clarity with which Elyse writes has helped us bring our parenting “strategy” up into line with what we know to be true about the Gospel.

I know the author of the book to be very good, the blogger is a favorite and I’ve heard good things about Greear. It seems to all add up to a wise book purchase in the near future.

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