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Sin Turns Us In On Ourselves

February 15, 2011

There are few couples that understand the one thing they need to understand in order for lasting change to take place in their marriage. They think their battle is with the other, or they think the circumstances in which they find themselves are what need to change. But here is the reality:  all of the horizontal battles are the fruit of a deeper war. The most important war, the one that needs to be won, is not the war they are having with each other, but a war that wages within them individually. Real change is all about winning this war.

Sin turns us in on ourselves. Sin makes us shrink our lives to the narrow confines of our little self-defined world. . . . Sin causes all of us to be way too self-aware and self-important. . . . Sin causes us to dream selfish dreams and to plan self-oriented plans. Because of sin, we really do love us, and we have a wonderful plan for our own lives!

Paul David Tripp, What Did You Expect??, 46-47.

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