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Love Wins [?!?]

February 28, 2011

Many have written and tweeted about the news that came out this past weekend from Rob Bell, namely, that his view of salvation is that in the end, “love wins”, and everyone is redeemed. No way am I surprised by this given other views of Bell’s (the virgin birth is negotiable, the substitutionary atonement is akin to cosmic child abuse, everything one reads from Scripture is mere “interpretation” so there can be no such thing as absolute truth, etc.).

The blogger who expressed it best in my mind is over at Ordinary Pastor, Erik Raymond, and I especially like this:

Despite the raccous [sic] crowd, many have known for some time that while Rob Bell circles about the evangelical perimeter, he does so in the drag of old-time liberalism. So while I am discouraged by his position I am not shocked. In fact, I am somewhat relieved that he has actually come out of the theological closet.

You can read the rest of Erik’s thoughts here and please warn others about Rob Bell.

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