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The Crisis of Modern Male Immaturity

March 25, 2011
Over at American Thinker is a concise article addressing a subject of great importance, one which I have observed but have not taken the time to explore. I’m glad Janice Crouse has thought about “The Crisis of Modern Male Immaturity” and here are some excerpts:
Clearly, awareness is building that, as Kay Hymowitz said, “Today’s pre-adults have been wait-listed for adulthood.”  Hymowitz believes that we are in the middle of a “momentous sociological development.”  The crisis of the American male is a “major demographic event” where, as Erick Erikson explained, young men between childhood and adulthood experience unprecedented “role confusion, emotional turmoil and identity conflict.”
For those just becoming aware of this emerging crisis, here are what I believe are the three major cultural trends that stunt young men’s maturity.
Decline in Marriage: Historically, marriage has been integral to American life; as the central institution of society, marriage was the typical step forward into adulthood.  Yet the marriage rate today is less than half the level of 1969.  Fewer people are getting married, and they are waiting longer to get married.  The Washington Post reported, “In 1940, less than 8 percent of all households consisted of people living alone.  Now more than a quarter do.”  A majority of people (66 percent) still live as a married couple family, but the proportion of married Americans continues to decline to levels never before seen.  We must recognize that with so many women willing to engage in sex without marriage, males have a limited incentive to “man up” — to be motivated and have a reason to accept the admittedly demanding responsibilities of adulthood.
You’ll find the rest here and I encourage you give it some thought as well.
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