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Knowing God

April 14, 2011

First, knowledge of God is important, for only through the knowledge of God can an individual enter into what the Bible terms eternal life (which is both the promise of life after death and living today as fully authentic a human life as possible; John 17:3).

Second, knowledge of God is important because . . . it also involves knowledge of ourselves, a knowledge which is humbling.

Third, the knowledge of God also gives us knowledge of this world: its good and its evil, its past and its future, its purpose and its impending judgment at the hand of God.

A fourth reason the knowledge of God is important is that it is the only way to personal holiness.

Finally, the knowledge of God is important in that it is only through a knowledge of God that the church and those who compose it can become strong (Dan. 11:32).

James Montgomery Boice, Foundations of the Christian Faith, 23-25.

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